HMPA President's Message

The latest HMPA President's Messages are provided below in Adobe Acrobat format.  Click any of links in the table below to open a new window for viewing.

IMPORTANT:  To view the newsletters you must have software on your computer capable of viewing Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for download from Adobe.

File NameSize
Icon President's Message October 2016.pdf63 KB
Icon July 2016 President's Message.pdf1,750 KB
Icon 2015 04 President'sMessage.pdf49 KB
Icon 2014 03 Presidents Message.pdf121 KB
Icon 2014 02 President Message.pdf79 KB
Icon 2014 01 Presidents Message.pdf50 KB
Icon 2013 03 Presidents Message.pdf56 KB
Icon 2013 02 April Presidents Message.pdf56 KB
Icon 2013 01 January President Message.pdf169 KB
Icon 2012 04 October President Message.pdf150 KB
Icon 2012 03 July President Message.pdf175 KB
Icon 2012 02 April President Message.pdf167 KB
Icon 2012 01 January President Message.pdf134 KB
Icon 2010 01 January Presidents Message.pdf77 KB

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